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Membership Committee

The purpose of the IACME Membership Committee is to recruit and retain members for the organization. The Membership Committee generally conducts its business via conference calls, e-mails and when needed face-to-face meetings. Serving on the Membership Committee is a good way to get to know your CME colleagues and be a part of a growing organization.

The Membership Committee helps the BOD organize the successful IACME Networking Meet-ups. These informal gatherings of CME professionals have become quite popular and are an excellent way to casually interact with your colleagues.

Another function of the Membership Committee is the creation and maintenance of a volunteer list for the various IACME committees. If you are looking to volunteer, but cannot commit to a specific committee, adding your name to the Volunteer List is a great way to start becoming more involved with the IACME. This list will be utilized when there are short term tasks that need to be accomplished (i.e. staffing the registration table at the Annual Meeting).

If you would like to join, or want more information about the Membership Committee, please contact the committee co-Chairs.

Committee Members

Virginia Roldan, Chair
Mandy Bell
Myria Stanley

Heather Dethloff, Board Liaison

Education Committee
The purpose of the IACME Education Committee is to plan educational programs annually, communicate with members to identify learning needs, and encourage members to participate in our educational activities. The committee conducts business via conference calls and email.  If you would like to join, or want more information about the Education Committee, please contact the committee Chair.

Committee Members

Amy Chambers, Chair
Grace Gregory
Tejuana (TJ) Moore

Myria Stanley
Melanie Stanton
Meghan Strubel

Jennifer Troyanovich, Board Liaison

Nominating/Awards Committee
Patti Stella, Chair

Bylaws Committee
Debbie Platek, Chair